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PMx: Powering Precision Oncology

Innovating tomorrow’s oncology

clinical trials using today’s data

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The One and Only platform that delivers Precision Oncology Insights to your fingertips

Discover unmatched
data intelligence

Kognitic PMx is an automated intelligence platform that captures and classifies current and historical oncological clinical trial data by using advanced ML algorithms

Access comprehensive
and up-to-date data

PMx collects new clinical trial data from world-wide trial registries as such data is released, providing a complete, dynamic view of analytics specific to your needs

Oncology Platform
Biomarker Platform

Biomarker-driven clinical trial strategy, made easy

Accelerate your precision medicine pipeline with unparalleled competitive intelligence, and drive success towards a better future

Precision medicine oncology

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Unlock comprehensive, actionable insights about biomarker-driven oncology clinical trials

Oncology Biomarker

Monitor Emerging Biomarker
Trends and Strategy

Precision oncology services

Uncover Untapped
Patient Segments

Precision oncology solutions

Modernize Trial Design
and Patient Samples

Precision medicine oncology market

Accelerate Companion

Precision oncology software

Discover Novel
Screening Technology

Oncology precision medicine

Advance Lines
of Therapy

Design the future of precision oncology

In today’s rapidly changing healthcare and pharmaceutical market, you need a turnkey solution that allows you to make data-driven decisions and quickly develop products. Identify trends in emerging biomarkers, uncover untapped spaces, and leverage integrated intelligence to innovate the industry with PMx, a tool trusted by the largest and most successful biopharma companies around the world.

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