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Cancer Care in the Time of Covid-19

While it seems much of our world has come to a halt since the spread of #covid19 , cancer continues to affect the lives of many. Doctors, nurses, and all health-care workers have made #heroic efforts to provide care to victims of the virus and those suffering from long-term illness, all while making every effort to slow the spread of #coronavirus.

In the midst of change lies an opportunity to exam current practice in #cancertreatment. Attached is a thought-provoking article exploring how healthcare-providers are adjusting their practice to competently care for #cancerpatients. The adjustments, backed by data, include opting for #telehealth services, symptom-based surveillance, and cost-benefit analysis for the immune system during cancer treatment.

The article, see below, provides resources for practitioners, including both English and Spanish telehealth outlines and the National Comprehensive Cancer Network guidelines for follow-up intervals.

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