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Revolutionizing Oncology Landscapes

Automation and new computer technologies are revolutionizing all industrial areas. Until a few years ago, developing a new product was extremely protracted not to mention highly expensive with costs amounting to several millions of dollars for prototyping and testing. However, as times are changing, so are the technologies, thereby, enabling us to deliver products more efficiently.  Automation by Computer simulation is one such technology that reduces time and money consumption by a factor of three enabling to get there first.

How can Automation be applied to the Oncology drug development space?

Pharmaceutical landscapes are dynamic in nature with more companies and molecules populating the competitive space, especially in Oncology. In order for a company to stay ahead and position itself strategically in this market successfully, these landscapes must be constantly monitored. The key is not just to be abreast with the data, but to stay ahead of it.

Over the years, the amount of publically available clinical trial data has increased exponentially with health authorities wanting pharmaceutical industries to become more and more transparent. Given this large pool of data, traditional methods of semi-manual data mining and interpretation of data become time consuming with higher probability of error. They warrant a need to be updated manually, lack essential analytics and visuals thereby resulting in static views that fail to record any sudden changes in the drug landscape. This leaves companies at a disadvantage when it comes to strategic decision making for oncology drug development.

While in all businesses time equals money, the stakes are much higher in the pharmaceutical world with the cost of drug development amounting to approximately $2.6 billion or higher.

Automation is the answer! It is a perfect fit for the complex oncology landscape that has multiple variables that need to be taken into account during decision making, such as – tumor type, biomarkers, mode of action etc.

Onclogik, is a new cloud based Clinical Trial Intelligence Platform with Natural Language Processing algorithms that perfectly integrates the power of automation to the Oncology clinical trial data landscape. Onclogik collects and curates from multiple sources such as, international trials, published journal articles, etc., It then interprets this data and provides it in a condensed, user-friendly format with sophisticated visuals and deep analytics to our customers. This entire process is completely automated and dynamic in nature which eliminates the need for any manual updates periodically. The visual display of data sets, be it on geographic maps, heat mapping, or more traditional charts, allows the human brain pick out correlations and relationships that otherwise would be lost in reading.

Spend the time analyzing data not gathering it. Click here to learn more about how Kognitic can enable oncology teams invest their valuable resources – time and capital.

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