• Michelle Laracuente

Targeting PD-L1: A New Front Runner for Oncology?

A recent study has found that antibodies which target PD-L1 are more effective than PD-1 inhibitors at blocking PD-1/PD-L1 signaling (see link below). PD-1 has been a prominent target among clinical trials in recent years, with 15 assets currently in Phase 3 for various cancer types (Kognitic, 2019). However, considering this recent finding, PD-L1 may soon replace PD-1 as a leading target for clinical trials. It may also foreshadow increased future revenue for companies with PD-L1 antibodies currently in Phase 3. Kognitic’s dynamic platform can provide in-depth pipeline views for all targets, such as PD-L1, in real-time, enabling clients to assess the competition across all indications!

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