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Clinical Trial Intelligence Platform

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Integrated and Automated Machine Intelligence
Platform for Oncology


What Kognitic can do for you?


Clinical Trial



Decisions for

Pipeline Development


Clinical Trial

Site Analysis

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Kognitic - Clinical Trial Pipeline Development

How it works?

Clinical Trial Data Structured vs Unstructured
Unstructured Data
Structured Data

80% of Clinical Trials data is Unstructured


Kognitic unlocks the value of Structured and Unstructured

Clinical Trials data using Advanced Machine Intelligence

Kognitic - Automated Natural Language Algorithms


Natural Language

Processing Algorithms

BioMarker Strategy
Patient Segment
Study Design
Site Analysis
Patient Recruitment

Kognitic platform combines Clinical Trials data from multiple sources, Advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) Algorithms and Visually Stunning Analytics to deliver a fully integrated and automated Clinical Trial Intelligence for decision makers using a subscription based cloud service.

The Kognitic Advantage

Icon Multiple Trial Data Sources

Multiple Trial Data Sources

Clinical trials data from and International sources seamlessly integrated and automated

Icon Natural Language Algorithms 

Natural Language Algorithms 

Automated NLPs extract deep information from Clinical Trials data for BioMarker Strategy, Patient Segment, Study Design, Tumor Type and Primary/Secondary Outcomes

Icon Expertly Curated Drug Classification

Expertly Curated Drug Classification

Drugs are expertly mapped for Target/MOA, Therapy Segment and Aliases from disparate sources including NCI, FDA, etc.

Icon Visually Stunning Analytics

Visually Stunning Analytics

Designed specifically for Clinical Trial Intelligence with ability for Decision Makers to dissect and analyze million different combinations of trials data

Our Team

Our Executive Team

Aqil Ahsan​  Founder and Managing Director

Aqil Ahsan​

Founder and Managing Director

Jaseem Mahmmdla​  Co-founder and CTO

Jaseem Mahmmdla​

Co-founder and CTO

Gayathri Raghupathy_headshot_edited.jpg

Dr. Gayathri Raghupathy

Scientific Lead

Dr. Marinos Stylianou  Advisor and CEO   S-FRAME Software

Dr. Marinos Stylianou

Advisor and CEO 

S-FRAME Software


Raghav Gullapalli

Executive Director of Emerging Technologies & Global Innovation, LVPEI


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